Granita Machine

Granita Machine

Omega OFS30 Commercial Granita Machine


The Omega Granita Machine OFS30 has three separate 3 gallon bowls that serve icy granitas. The transparent polycarbonate container is durable and allows customers to see the colourful granitas.

Once the fruity ingredients are added, the rotating blades stir the mixture to slushy perfection.

The black satin and stainless steel granita machine is great for parties, large functions or everyday use in a fast-paced commercial setting. It is very easy to clean. This high performance machine has become the industry favourite.

Product Features

  • Three 3 Gallon Bowls
  • Lighted Top Panel to illuminate products
  • Clear and durable polycarbonate containers
  • Stainless steel cooling cylinder, frame and front panel
  • Continuous agitator stirs product and keeps it fresh
  • ½ HP motor
  • Weight: 156 lbs

Omega OFS20 Commercial Granita Machine


The Omega Granita Machine OFS20 has two separate 3 gallon bowls. It has similar features as the OFS30.

Product Features

Two 3 Gallon Bowls
⅓ HP motor
Weight: 108 lbs